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Mechanical Engineering Design

We are a Mechanical Design Engineering that aims to give integral solutions to our customers needs. We have high qualified Engineering Department with updated design tools as well as products and process calculations, for advising our customers during design or either manufacturing process of every kind of mechanical components due to our experience in assembly and machine automation and key solutions.

Do you have an idea? A concept that you do not know how to develop?

Do not hesitate. We make your ideas become real.

1.- Conceptualization of the idea: We bet on an active comunication model with our clients. We listen their needs, we identify the problem and we look for optimisations that improves the design and manufacturing of the components.

2.- Materialising the idea: Our Mechanical Engineering Department is responsible of designing and calculating the innovative ideas still in phase of conceptualization and give birth a prototype that meets the needs of our customers. *For rapid validation of these designs and complex geometries we have 3D printers of plastic materials that allow us to test the functionality of the designs.

3.- Production: Due to our experience in accuracy machinning, assembling and automation of machines and key solutions, we offer our clients thew manufacturing of those prototypes. We are specialists in the developement of high accuracy machinning of parts of every size with the most innovated means of production

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Utimesa - Mechanical Engineering Design Egon
Utimesa - Mechanical Engineering Design Egon
Utimesa - Mechanical Engineering Design Egon


We have at our disposal a wide range of equipment that allows us to offer different services to our clients. Consult our production methods.