About Utimesa

Specialists in Accuracy Machining & Special Machinery Builders

Throughout the years, the experience we have acquired has allowed us to provide practical advice and solutions to our customers during the entire manufacturing process. More than 30 years in the industry has made us the reliable choice for precision machining and construction of specialised equipment.

Why choose us?

Production Capacity

Our drive for excellence and our facilities give us the capacity to carry out projects of great magnitude and complexity. A wide range of solutions in the production level is at our disposal.

Quality & Innovation

We own a wide range of modern, specialised equipment that allows us to create mechanised pieces with great precision that meet very strict dimensional and geometric specifications.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on our active engagement with our clients. We assess each customer’s specific needs, provide comprehensive solutions, and create projects on a turnkey basis.

Our Quality Policy

If there is one aspect that differentiates us from other companies, it is compliance with our Quality Policy, which guarantees quality in all our services, and which we consider the cornerstone of our work. Quality Policy, based on ISO 9001:2015 standard.


UTIMESA - Modern Facilities, divided in 3 interconnected pavilions

UTIMESA is headquartered in a 4.000 sq. m. modern facility, divided in 3 interconnected pavilions, all equipped with bridge cranes of up to 16 tons. Each pavilion has its own purpose: precise machining, large-scale machining, construction of special equipment, storage, turnkey solutions, and running tests.

In addition to a wide range of modern, specialised equipment, we also have a Technical Department of highly qualified personnel that advise our customers. They are also in charge of planning and management of the plant’s production.

UTIMESA - Modern Facilities - Specialists in Accuracy Machining UTIMESA - Modern Facilities -  Special Machinery Builders

History of Utimesa

Humble beginnings.

UTIMESA was born in the mid-80s as a small machining workshop which serviced local companies. Arregui Alaitza, our founder, has since made innovation and quality as the guiding principles of our activities. He believed that active engagement with customers and high quality products of great precision would set us apart from the competition.

After years in service and with all the experience gained, UTIMESA has established itself as an important supplier for local companies. This has allowed us to keep growing as a company, always following our guiding principles and performing our activities in a sustainable manner.

2000 - 2013: Company expansion and modernisation.

UTIMESA has undergone a change of management. Being a family corporation, UTIMESA is now headed by the sons of Luis Arregui Alaitza, our founder.

Throughout the years UTIMESA has begun a process of modernisation. Our facilities have grown and our production capacity has improved through the acquisition of the latest specialised equipment.

In addition to the improvements in our facilities and production capacity, UTIMESA is aware that true success is attainable only with the help of its employees. With our guiding principles in mind, we make sure that we hire young and highly qualified people, with our numbers increasing year after year. We believe this is a crucial aspect for the growth of any company.

Utimesa - Especialistas en Mecanizado de precisión

New Factory

2013-2016: Sustainable Growth & Expansion of Facilities.

UTIMESA has continued growing sustainably and establishing itself as an important supplier for key companies as it ventures into the international market. As our numbers and customer base grows, we have decided to begin with the construction of a new pavilion to store heavy machinery to be used for large scale and complex projects.

Committed to Sustainability

At UTIMESA, we're aware of the responsibility and leading role of companies in bringing about a change in the production model that is more respectful of the environment. That's why we're making the commitment to improve energy and materials efficiency by optimising processes as a source of economic profitability and to increase the resilience of our companies in environments of change. With this commitment and respect for the environment, we're starting a process of internally improving different points to take on sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. Our efforts are centred around achieving greater energy efficiency through the use of clean technologies and reducing CO2 emissions.

Eficiencia Energética

UTIMESA has always seen corporate responsibility as a central tenet of its business and it's been committed to technological advances that favour sustainability and respect for the environment. Consequently, in early 2018 UTIMESA decided to replace all of its traditional lighting with LED lighting, which resulted in more efficient consumption and significant energy savings.

It is that energy savings specifically which is the beginning of a new energy efficiency project. The necessary work is being done to install solar panels on the roofs of the machining, assembly and special machinery construction pavilions.

Utimesa - Especialistas en Mecanizado de precisión

In 2019, 2300 m2 of solar panels were installed and put into operation on the roof of the central UTIMESA pavilion. That project achieved the goal of having 25% of the energy needed for business activities be obtained from clean technology by using solar panels. Consequently, energy costs were lowered and a contribution was made to promoting the use of renewable energies.

Because of the success of the first implementation, in 2020 UTIMESA decided to expand its use of solar panels and cover the totality of the roofs of its three pavilions. And 59% of the energy needed for business activities can now be generated with clean technology.

UTIMESA is proud of the advancements it makes every day in its production processes, making them more efficient and sustainable. It has set the goal of having 75% of its energy consumption come from clean technology.

ZERO CO2 Helburu

Green Pact

Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. And it is for that reason it requires urgent and disruptive action. It must be a top priority not just for government and civil society, but for industry as well.

At UTIMESA, we're aware of the responsibility and leading role of companies in bringing about necessary change in production models. That's why we're committed to improving energy efficiency and making advancements in more sustainable and effective production models. We have consequently decided to join the Green Pact, led by the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz, with the goal of contributing to the promotion of a sustainable economy through our business activities.

Green Pact Member Company

A community of business organisations working towards the transition to business models that use fewer natural resources and make a lower climate impact.

Green Pact